Project EV Chargers

Project EV Chargers


Project EV chargers specialise in providing the most cutting edge electric vehicle charging points, connecting customers with technology that is ever evolving. With a great range of floor and wall-mounted AC and DC electric car chargers, our technology provides you with the high energy output you need to keep your vehicle charged and running well.

The wide range of electric vehicle charge points extends from 7.3kw AC up to 300kw DC, providing solutions for all locations and vehicles.

Everybody is going electric; the range of vehicles is bigger than ever with all manufacturers from Ford to Ferrari, domestic and commercial vehicles are all making introduction EVs a part of their core range. The infrastructure is growing at the same pace with more accessibility to charge points across the UK.

Project EV’s ethos is to make charging your electric vehicle as stress-free as possible. With our four modes of control, we believe we have the best solutions for all users.

The FREE Project EV App allows you to choose and customise charging rates, prioritise off-peak charging to maximise savings (including via a solar charging mode) and create charging records; so you can see and control all your data.

Project EV chargers work in harmony with solar panel technology, meaning you can charge your vehicle using the green energy generate by your solar system.

Our Pro Earth charging range eliminates the need to install any additional earth spike, which means no extra costs & an easy install.

All Project EV AC chargers have the ability to dynamically load balance, ensuring that the power of your household is distributed evenly across all your electrical appliances.

Project EV Chargers.